Goddess Of Small Things

The details of my life seem that much more shallow sometimes when I try to write them down here, but for me buying a lot of CDs, endorphin-level-wise, is right up there with beautiful sunsets, belly laughs, MSG, and a warm man. Well, maybe not quite as good as a warm man, but anyway, it feels damn good.

So on Thursday I bought:

  • Since I Left You (Avalanches, £8.99, Virgin)
  • Spoonface (Ben Christophers, £8.99, Virgin)
  • Good Morning Spider (Sparklehorse, £8.99, Reckless)
  • Fog (Fog, £6.99, Reckless)
  • Black Whole Styles (Big Dada compilation, £7.99, Reckless)
  • cLOUDDEAD (cLOUDDEAD, £5.99, Selectadisc)


Dinner with Alec and his dad was inevitably stressful and toothachesome from holding back my usual stream of inappropriate comments and smiling a lot, but it was well worth it for the valuable ammunition of embarrassing Alec stories gained.

Back in my room, I snuggled up in bed with cherry juice and Life Isn’t All Ha Ha Hee Hee (Meera Syal), which I found very much more tragic than ‘omedy, as opposed to the You’ll laugh! You’ll cry! type review excerpts it had on the back cover and elsewhere on the Web. When I closed the book the light outside was long beyond Prussian blue and well on its way to eggshell.