Go Get It They Got It

Reckless Records slashed 20% off everything (everything being already cheap second-hand CDs), and Benny called with the good news.

Queuing up to pay in the dance branch, I met Dave, who I hadn’t seen since our second year in university.

As we were chatting outside, along came Yoichi, who I’d told about the sale. We said hello, David and I parted ways, Yoichi went into the dance branch and I into the rock branch. Soon after this Benny turned up and went into the dance branch. Neither Benny nor Yoichi knew each other, but Yoichi overhead Benny on the phone to me.

Later all three of us were in the rock branch and I introduced Benny and Yoichi. It was one of those rare moments of my life when people I knew from completely different spheres somehow managed to all converge on one spot. The power of music, eh? Or geekdom, I suppose.


  • It’s All Happening Now (Lewis Parker, £7.19): BLOODY MARVELLOUS, probably the best UK hip-hop album I’ve ever heard, certainly one of the best hip-hop albums I’ve heard recently from anywhere.
  • Come Get It I Got It (David Holmes, £7.19)
  • Fantastic Damage (El-P, £7.19)
  • Ether Teeth (Fog, £4.80)