I spent Saturday night with ex-Raffles debaters, all of whom I helped to train at some point in their debating careers. I therefore take a little pride in how well they all did in the debating arena, but I’m wondering if I perhaps had a less than ideal influence on other aspects of their personal development. Of course, it’s also possible they got this twisted entirely on their own.

After a dinner where some penetrating observations on, er, penetration, were loudly voiced, we went back to Ying’s house for ice cream and later settled in her room to play Taboo. Being debaters, an issue as simple as how to divide our group of 8 into teams became a long-drawn-out, albeit hilarious, discussion until I flung my hands in the air and suggested we divide the groups by “People who give a shit how we divide the groups” and “People who don’t give a shit how we divide the groups”. This idea eventually won the day, so we got started.

Word to be guessed: Exotic
YP: Strippers can also be described as…?

Word to be guessed: Blokes
Me: In England, I would refer to my friends as –

It may be hard to believe from those two examples but our team “The Shits” (the former of the two teams described above) went on to win two rounds out of two. I’m pretty sure FY will be a very prominent person in Singapore some day. I shall remember this when he gets sworn into office.

When a change of game was suggested, I introduced everyone to the joys of Sexy Scrabble.

Sexy Scrabble

Based on the permissive attitude adopted towards compound word formation in my first foray, I encouraged the same approach here in the interests of fun. This is how MAN became MANTITS, MANTITSSAG and finally HEREMANTITSSAG. Similarly, VAJ became VAJIZ, VAJIZONFUR, and MYVAJIZONFUR – it being too late by the time the MY was added to modify the last word of the compound to FIRE.

Elsewhere, people trying to get rid of random letters when the game was in its last gasps turned BONED to LEBONED and a Z and K with 2 spaces in between them to ZCOK. These words were justified as being French. Other cunning linguists had earlier snuck in PODIA justifying it as “Latin for foot” and then added GIRL to refine the fetish, so since we were already near the bottom of the slippery slope we shrugged and let these attempts pass. However, should you embark on your own Sexy Scrabble explorations, I recommend a little stricter discipline.


  1. Wonderful! Boy, I haven’t seen all you guys in ages. Wish I’d been there, but as I couldn’t be I’m glad I got to read about it here :) Btw I’ve got the dates for my Cornwall weekend wrong, I should be in London when you’re around after all, would be great to see you!

  2. Jol: Am sure you would have had much to contribute to the evening’s festivities, and I don’t just mean in terms of volume! Awesome that I’ll get to see you in London after all – will be in touch soon with details of Sunday afternoon drinking plans. :)

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