Fuzzy Logic

While chatting with my mum on what she got up to while I was away:

My mum: Daddy and me went to Chinatown for the first time.
Me: That’s nice, did you have fun?
My mum: Yes! I bought Alec some cute cat coasters for his new balcony table.
Me: MUM!!??! He’s a guy! And he doesn’t have or want a cat!
My mum: That’s exactly why he needs cat coasters.
Me: ……


  1. Why would you need a coaster in order to put a cat on the table? In fact, why would you wish to put a cat on the table in the first place?!

  2. Alec doesn’t even use coasters. I could Flickr a picture of the coffee table in our living room if you’d like.

  3. James: Alec explained your comment to me over the weekend. Most amusing. You may enjoy the following excerpt from our conversation.

    Me: But why on earth did your parents let a small child go round with boiling hot tea in a glass?

    Alec: Ah. You assume just because I did something that fucking stupid, that I was a small child at the time.

    Tessa: Coasters with pictures of cats.

    Atreidai: Very little about life with a cat is about what you want to do with the cat. If the cat wants to be on the table, it eventually ends up there despite your best efforts. And it would never stay on the bloody coaster even if there was one. I love cats for exactly this reason.

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