Rawk Quotes

From Ink 19’s Top 19 Rock Quotes of 2002. Drummers are always the most quotable, somehow.

“Believe me, even on the shoot no one knew what they were doing. It was like “Get the triplets in the jacuzzi!” or “Get the midgets in wet suits and put them here!” or “Why are we in this make up and why do we have these outfits on? I don’t know!”
– Ray Luzier, DLR Band drummer on the making of the video David Lee Roth’s No Holds Bar-B-Que.

“That was when, I think, anything we’d ever dreamed about was surpassed. You can have dreams, you can be focused and you can do things, but when you go beyond that dream, that’s what happened on the Billion Dollar Babies tour.”
– Neal Smith, Alice Cooper drummer, remembering the glory days of Rock & Roll

“Well, after we’ve been out on tour together, we all get our periods at the same time, absolutely.”
– Gina Schock, Go Go’s drummer on the challenges inherent in being in a band comprised of all women.