For The Pleasure Of Seeing Her Again (Victoria Theatre, Singapore)

I’d been meaning to go watch a Wild Rice Theatre production for ages, but stuff like Masters exams, extreme stress, lack of money, and not being in the country kept getting in the way. After watching For The Pleasure Of Seeing Her Again last night, I now realize those were all lousy excuses.

In a world full of tributes to mothers, this one still touched me to the core. Neo Swee Lin was made for her role, and is unsurprisingly magnificent in it. To say too much about the ending would ruin it for you, but it is beautiful and hilarious and absolutely perfect for the play.

It has been a very long time since a piece of theatre grabbed me by the scruff of the neck and reminded me that despite the very best that cinema has to offer, despite theatre ticket prices many times more expensive than movie tickets (even including popcorn), there are still some ideas only theatre can convey, and some stories only theatre can tell. This was one of them. If you are in Singapore, you have till Sunday the 29th to see it, and you really really must.

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