Flea Love

How much do I love flea markets? Let me count the ways:

  1. CD: The Discovery Of A World Inside The Moone (Apples In Stereo), $4
  2. CD: Curtains (Tindersticks), $4
  3. DVD: American Splendor, $6
  4. Pink button earrings, $4
  5. Beige top with two guys who look like extras from MacGyver stencilled on it in prussian blue, $5
  6. Black top with rough-cut neck and armholes, small mustard yellow rose print, and lace all the way round the waist, $2
  7. Beige oblongish bag with criss-crossing lines of khaki leather and eggshell blue sequins, $2
  8. Dirty brown (in colour, not state) Jap-style bag with 3 cartoony guys with Afros, and “I LOVE AFRO” on the back, $3

I Love Afro

There was a guy asleep on the floor at one of the stalls, which is never a good idea if you’re at a flea market and have funny friends. (Click on the photo to view a full-size version.)

Guy with price label on ass
“Buy T-shirt & take loser home for free!”


  1. I love that photo – it’s hilarious!

    I was too tired after going to the gym at Great World City to summon up the energy to trudge down about ten minutes more to Timberlux Centre for the flea market although I love them. Damn.

  2. sometimes when i read ur blog i think singapore isnt so bad to live in…that says a lot more about ur blog than it does about singapore, if u know what i mean :)

  3. Hilarious.

    Do you all know that there’s a flea market on every errr… I think Friday (or maybe it’s Saturday…actually, I think it IS Saturday) evening, from 6 pm onwards? Some of the stuff is really brill (bought quite a bit, and I especially love this set of black earrings I bought for a measly $3 when it was probably worth $11 outside…unfortunately it’s gone now -_-” *sigh*) at Tanglin Mall? The stalls are all set up outside the Mall – it’s quite obvious, you can’t miss it.

    Just in case anyone really likes flea markets. ;)

  4. pumpkineyes: That’s great to hear – guess it means I’m making the best of things here. :) I’m not the sort of person who likes doing the same thing and seeing the same people all the time, so I keep looking out for new stuff to do that takes me out of my comfort zones (well, a flea market’s still comfy ground, but you get my point). It was a lot easier in London than it is here, but I think I’m managing! Thank you for that comment, I appreciate it.

    del: I’ll check it out, thanks for the tip! More weird dusty retro junk for me to buy, hooray!

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