First Weekend Back

I’ve left it so long, too long. And my cunning trick of splitting my very long catch-up entries into several posts has been spotted by Alec, who has of late been finally driven by sheer desperate boredom to my site since the Irish Times site now charges for access, and his work firewall blocks out everything that’s actually interesting.

But here I go again anyway.

The first weekend back:
Friday splurging at Great Eastern Diner, Saturday Brick Lane bagel breakfast on the way to Hampstead, where we got crepes from the supposedly famous stand and ate outside a nearby pub, and I commented in wonder on the fabulous, fabulous glass of Coke I was having only to be crushingly informed that it was a Pepsi. Highly distressing for me, highly amusing for Alec who retained it as comic ammunition for most of the day. Reading/chatting/ non-verbally communicating on Hampstead Heath, evening at the excellently and hilariously gross The Lieutenant Of Inishmore (when they pick the dead cat up at the beginning and you can see stuff dripping off it, that’s just the beginning). Sunday mass, brief Brick Lane junk surveying and mullet-watching over breakfast at Cafe 1001, lazy afternoon browsing in Waterstone’s and reading all the Sunday papers, this time with real Coke.