Festivals and Father Ted

In usual fashion I’m popping in far too late to say hello, I’m on holiday, and it’s been lovely so far. We went to All Tomorrow’s Parties over the weekend and are now in Ireland with Alec’s family. Today we drove past the Father Ted house, then got onto a very small propeller plane and flew to the Father Ted islands. There have been plenty of sheep, also some lambs. I am very happy.


  1. Dear Michelle,
    I hope you are enjoying your holiday. Would very much like to meet up with you in London so do drop me an email!!

  2. I’m guessing you already know this, but just “for the avoidance of doubt”, that’s not me up there :) I was really looking forward to seeing you here, but there’s a good chance I’ll be away for the long weekend – sorry to flip-flop so! – hope you have a marvellous time though.

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