Female Mechanic Now On Duty

Hello! If you see this, that means I have escaped a big kaboom! The redesign’s more or less done, give or take a bunch of borked permalinks, incomplete side pages and probably some inexplicable error messages. I just wanted to stop being such a bloody perfectionist and fling it out there, or else I knew I’d get stuck with the old template for five more years. I figured showing the new thingy to all of you would motivate me to finish tying up all the loose ends faster, rather than keep tinkering with it indefinitely.

Please let me know if you encounter stuff that’s broken, and I’ll make myself a stiff drink and dive back in to fix it. But please bear in mind that I’m neither visually creative nor highly knowledgeable about web design, so what you see here really does represent the limits of my ability. Anyway, enough blathering for now – further boffiny details will go on a side page if I bother to write it, but in the meantime I’ll just mention that major credit goes to WordPress, K2, Google, Absolut Pear, the swear words kan ni na and chee bye, and you, wonderful readers, in whose patience and indulgence I continue to trust.


  1. Woo hoo!!
    I like the new look. Much nicer colors and fonts. That photo caption, which I’ve never particularly liked in the past, has somehow grown on me. Looks great here.

    Congrats on having the site back. And thanks for the explanation of all the random swearing. I’d thought it was aimed at me.

  2. I’m really impressed by the fact that you did all this yourself! The wordpress/web stuff can be quite bewildering to me.

    Welcome back :)

  3. (figured i would just respond here for quicker reference)

    wow really?? we’ve been looking at the “normal” shops like soo kee, goldheart, etc… and they all cost $1,000 upwards per pair! no bling one, just normal plain bands! didn’t try d’meyson though, will go check it out. thanks! any other tips? looking for photographers, dresses, etc now… sigh

  4. You should have stuck to micro blogging. We all lead busy lives now and we can’t be expected to read past entry titles.

  5. Yay, thanks everyone for gracing the new design with its virginal comments! (Gosh, the font size in this comment entry box is very small, isn’t it? Sorry, will fix that!)

    mayee: Well, I didn’t write all the template code myself, I took the K2 theme and heavily customised it. And I definitely spent a large portion of redesigning time being utterly bewildered – WordPress is nowhere as easy and user-friendly as the hype makes it out to be.

    zyn: Hey, if you’re fine with plain bands, I think the places you’ve been looking are actually a bit higher-end than they need to be, try neighbourhood shops and Taka Jewellery level places. When looking for ours I took it as a given that they were not “once in a lifetime” purchases because (a) we will grow too fat for ours eventually and (b) Alec will lose his. As he did, within the first six months!

    Benny: I already gave you a girl lying down and opening her legs for the main banner, what more do you want?!

  6. so you’ve totally redesigned your website and brought the vast majority of your old content over to the new format and made it look easy, which is Nice!!!!

    Well done!!

    now- everytime I log on to the drudge report i get a knocking sound, could you have a look for me?


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