Faustian Pecs

Manhunt (Tuesdays 10 pm on Starworld) is America’s Next Top Model’s poor transgendered cousin. The first episode featured the guys skydiving in Calvins, because apparently this would test their ability to work as a team. It’s poorly produced, features a crop of guys with even less personality than your usual wannabe fameseeker, and gimmicks that have passed through the colon of every other reality show. The token “male supermodel” judge is pure vanilla next to Tyra Banks, who at least held a strange “How much more gaunt and ugly can this woman get over the course of the season?” fascination for me. Also, it’s hosted by Carmen Electra, who brings her own special brand of brainlessness and appalling incompetence to the show.

Needless to say, I’m planning to watch it every week.

Watching with my mum makes it even more of a head-trip. For example, this is from last night, when Ron got eliminated.
My mum: Pity, he has an interesting look.
Me: Yah, he does.
My mum: He looks like Mephistopheles.
Me: ???!!


  1. You do know that was my first real job? I was their “Press and Media Liaison Officer” which may as well have been “fundraisier, body-oiler and babysitter”.

  2. For those of you out there, like myself, who like to have a pint or ten of a Friday evening, you might be amused to note that this programme is produced by those good people at Bravo.

    The gutter just got a little deeper.

  3. I will never forget your mother’s comparison of Justin Timberlake to Gurmit Singh. I still think of it when I hear Justin Timberlake songs…

  4. This has nothing to do with Manhunt…but Justin Timberlake to Gurmit Singh???? How on earth? Scarred for life…….

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