Exam Apologies

There are oodles of reasons I can’t wait for these damn exams to be over, but the prime one is probably that I’d rather like to be an interesting person again.

I’m not particularly fond of myself at exam time. I get whiny, and disconsolate, and I’m generally so absorbed in personal misery at the disaster I anticipate that I can’t really think of very much else. It shows the most in my inability to carry on a conversation, I think. In trying too hard to avoid talking about exams and boring people with my moaning, I somehow find myself making comments I wouldn’t normally make – usually stuff which is either too offensive or too uninteresting to share – and to make things worse, I tend to drift off while other people are talking, which means I then have no idea what they’ve just said and no means of responding intelligently.

So to all who have had the misfortune of having to talk to me recently, and especially to anyone in my hall (which I’ve hardly ventured out from over the past few weeks) who ever reads this: please believe I’m not actually a stupid, boring, dour socially dysfunctional narcissist obsessed with studying. It’s just the fallout from spending a wonderful but study-free year as an intelligent, interesting, effervescent and socially successful narcissist. :P