Even More Un-PC Than Me

I was discussing upcoming holiday plans with Alec, specifically the Eastern Europe part of the trip. We were considering the cost viability of a railpass by trying to see if all the places we wanted to see were actually on good train routes.

Alec: Well, we all know you can definitely get to Auschwitz by train!
Me: ……
Alec: ……
Me: Okay, next topic of conversation.


  1. That horrific classic… “My grandfather died in Auschwitz.” “Oh, that’s terrible.” “Yeah, he fell out of the guard tower.”

  2. Yup. And one I heard the other day – “What do you do with Jews who have a short attention span? You send them to a concentration camp.” I’m told that comes from South Park – unsurprisingly…

  3. german jokes have improved a lot since ireland joined the EU. for example.. this is the german interpretation of a “classic” irish joke

    “paddy irishman walks into a bar,

    beacuse he is an alcoholic and is destroying his family und breaking his mothers heart”

    laugh now….

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