After looking through one or two local bridal magazines and seeing way too many floofy poofy wedding gowns which would swallow me whole, I decided to have a look round online and soon found some tempting options. For example, “beaded embroidery trims the sweetheart strapless neckline and cascades onto the asymmetrically raped bodice of this slim fitting gown”. How lovely. I am sure all my guests will be raped with admiration.


  1. Dude: Thanks for the congratulations! In response to your question, I can’t think of any other word I could have meant but if you’ve got some other word in mind that I didn’t think of, feel free to continue with more dreadful puns. :)

    Russ: LOL!

  2. My guess is “draped”. She *is* utterly terrifying, isn’t she? Something about her head makes me think of the Exorcist, like Regan’s head after she’s just finished turning it 360 degrees.

    Thanks del. :)

  3. It’s a beautiful look! Definitely one to show your stylist…

    Anyway, I haven’t popped by in ages. Just wanted to say hi and congrats again. :)

  4. Xue: Actually, I only linked the gown in order to make bad puns about rape! Although I do think it’s quite pretty it’s still a little bit fussier than is appropriate for my shortness. :)

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