Eating Agenda

I am slowly working my way along the eating agenda. Yesterday I was able to tick off Alvin’s Claypot (oyster chicken, oldie but goodie on their menu) and Oreo McFlurry (they’ve got a Chocomint one now too! London McPowers That Be, I’m begging you…). Dad’s been spoiling me with expensive durians. Sister has bought two 6-packs of Pokka peppermint green tea. Mum has stocked up on Uncle Toby muesli bars. On the Day Of 14 CDs I had a green apple bubble tea (1997 restaurant in London Chinatown tries to do these too, but they’re a poor, poor substitute). On Sunday I had deep-fried Shanghai dumplings for dinner. All’s well on the food front. Which reminds me, I really must start my fitness regime.

Stop laughing.