East, West, Buying CDs Is Best

I’m sure foot reflexology is an enjoyable and beneficial form of alternative therapy when actually done by a foot reflexologist, but right now the most visible effects of the foot reflexology slippers my mother sent from home via my brother are that I jump a mile every time I put them on and shriek “Fuck me, that hurts.”

“Retail therapy”, on the other hand, is a phrase too Generation X’y and Douglas Coupland stylie even for this Coupland fan (“parental units” is another), but it undeniably works wonders once embarked on. Sunday saw the acquisition of:

  • Closer (Joy Division)
  • Music Has The Right To Children (Boards of Canada, finally)
  • Sound01: A Big Dada Sampler (excellent)
  • Hip-Hop 24/7 (3 CDs featuring a surprisingly good range of styles: Roots Manuva, Aim, Jeru The Damaja, Public Enemy, Sugarhill Gang, and, er, Snoop)
  • Urban Funk Breaks III (also much better than your usual bog standard Ultimate! Party! Breakbeats! compilation)
    (all of the above for a total of £28.85 at HMV)
  • three pink items of clothing (one little top and two unmentionables)

Yet another saddening example of the triumph of evil Western capitalist values and consumerist culture over ye olde Oriental ways, I suppose.