Something dramatic was needed to break my obsessive aural dependency on the sound of Elliott Yamin’s voice, so I revisited Venetian Snares’ Rossz Csillag Allat Szuletett, which I’d been enjoying quite a lot before Elliott poured molten sex into my ears.

It isn’t easy to describe why this album’s fusion of (mostly) classical music with drill’n’bass works for me, because at first blush the concept sounds insufferable. The thing is, as drum’n’bass subgenres go, I like drill’n’bass because it has a certain drama and intensity that I find lacking in the jazzy stuff. On the other hand, classical music has lots of drama and intensity but lacks riddim.

Track 8’s sampling of Elgar’s cello concerto in E minor fascinates me. The sample of that famous bit of melody is cut off one note later than you expect it to be – one would have thought cutting the segment off on the D would make for the obvious easy loop but instead it’s left for one more note, which weirds up the time signature and the listener’s feel of the melody. Every time I listen to the track it always makes me feel a bit off-balance at the start, but then I descend into a geeky wanky happy place where I muse about whether I’d feel the same way if I didn’t already know the classical piece, and whether this use of the sample is deliberately intended to elicit this response in the listener, and then I look to the track title for any help but unfortunately it’s called “Szarmar Madar” so nothing gained there; meanwhile, there’s an opera singer throwin’ down high E’s and the chaotic beat’s just tearing shit up, and I start thinking tasteless thoughts about how even Jacqueline du Pre would dance to this except oh wait oops and I’m not even sure whether any of this is good or bad but I like the fact that the song is making me think it.


  1. Classical music with drill ‘n’ bass huh… this I got to hear! So I guess the Venetian Snares album would be a good starter?

  2. I dunno about you, but i prefer Snares’ harder, and more intense works. I especially like Infolepsy and Chocolate Wheelchair. Meathole is pretty good too and its also based on the strange life of Jeffrey Dahmer!

  3. I have to admit I’m a sucker for jazzy drum’n’bass. The ambient noodling keys, whale sounds, waves lapping … maybe it’s got to do with me being a genuine, sensitive, honest, humorous, nature-loving and immensely attractive guy.

    And no one can f**king touch Photek!!!

  4. Mayee: I think this Venetian Snares album is worth a listen, yes. It isn’t all as obviously “fusiony” as the track I talked about, but I generally enjoyed the way classical instruments were used in it. Apart from the classical stuff, there’s also a track sampling a Billie Holiday record which is quite outstanding.

    Szycag: I like their hard intense stuff too, but if it goes on for a whole album the novelty wears off for me. That’s another good thing about Rossz Csillag Allat Szuletett – it’s got good range and is even quite mellow at times…but not for too long. :)

    Benny: Nice try, but how do you explain liking the Dr Octagynecologist album then?

  5. hey,

    can i just ask how you found pupillage at the firm you did pupillage at?(not naming it in the interests of anonymity)

  6. Btw, did you catch the 2-hour old skool jungle special on The Breezeblock? Massive! Rewind! Tearin’! I dunno. What else do people shout during d’n’b gigs?

  7. Chanced upon your beautifully written tribute to Elliott and just wanted to say how much your article resonated with my Elliott-loving soul.

    Obsession doesnt even begin to describe the grip he has on me and of course many other women ( and men) the world over. I happen to be a Yaminion, are you? Or an E-trainer perhaps?

    Your latest comment on needing something dramatic to break the addiction to Elliott’s voice carressing the soul 24/7? I totally went through that a few days ago – I just told myself I needed to listen to something else already. And created two new playlists on my ipod (also known as Epod most of the time now) just so i could essay some re-balancing of my chakras for a bit.

    But oh, I love him. And I love that I found your blog. Great stuff. Consider yourself bookmarked ;)

  8. karen: I pretty much just wrote them a letter telling them my results etc. and asking if I could do pupillage there, they replied inviting me for interview, and that was that. (By the way, do we know each other? If not, how do you know where I did pupillage?)

    Benny: BOO!

    Kathryn: I’m glad you liked the post. :) I lurk on Yaminions, E-Train and TWOP fairly regularly, but haven’t posted anything yet. For no good reason, really, it’s probably just some wariness from when I went mad about Fantasia and spent ages posting on idolforums during AI3. All that for someone whose bones I didn’t even want to jump! Participating on Elliott forums would seriously just take over my life. (No, I don’t really have much of one to begin with. :P )

  9. Yea from CAP way back in the old days!

    I really meant to ask whether you enjoyed pupillage at X. :)

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