An update on the Sonic Youth/Cat Power saga at U Penn I ranted about previously – the gig went ahead, apparently with an audience of about 300-400 people in a venue which could have housed 2000.

What a bunch of dorks. And by that, I mean the other 1700 who could have been there but were probably too busy RAWKING OUT to the Dave Matthews Band cuz they, like, RULE. Of course I hate the people who were there too, but that’s just envy.

Now I’ve vented some spleen, I hasten to add that I’m not entirely humourless about this whole thing. This column in the college newspaper was actually pretty funny: RIAA sues 4 students for bad taste in music.

“The Recording Industry Association of America filed lawsuits yesterday against four Penn students who were found to have downloaded Sonic Youth songs onto their computers.

Citing “bad taste,” officials said the individuals will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. If convicted, the students face a minimum sentence of 10 months in an alternative music rehabilitation center.

Treatment could also include intensive listening sessions featuring musicians of the 21st century, or trips to spring concerts at other universities that plan to feature contemporary artists.”

Later in the column:

“Lawsuits such as the ones aimed at the four students are part of the RIAA’s strategy of suing individual users for their personal music preferences. The trend began in September 2003, when the group sued two Princeton students for downloading entire Ace of Base albums.

“I just liked ‘I Saw the Sign’ and it got out of control,” recovering bad-music addict Bridget Takacs said. Though her police record will forever be branded “stuck in the 1990s,” Takacs was grateful for the intervention.”


  1. *laugh*

    I can’t believe the article… And I can’t believe RIAA…

    Can’t say much about my music taste, but well… I can’t believe the article…

  2. hahaha, that’s hilarious. Ace of Base brings back (bad) memories of 90’s music videos and NYE Perfect 10 countdowns.

  3. I still like All That She Wants, actually. Beyond the “do do do do do” motif, lyrically, it’s dark Billie Jean stalker pop!

    “So if you are in sight and the day is right


  4. hey actually ah, ace of base notch bad u know. at least writes better lyrics than britney spears’ producers.

  5. Are you saying you don’t feel the pathos in “Sometimes I run, sometimes I hide”, YOU COLD BITCH? :P

  6. “Britney’s most profound lyrics appear in “Lucky” – which plays a pun on being “lucky” ironically and also “Lucky” the name of the star.”

    this happened during the period of A levels when my friends and I were hard at work during Lit lessons. You can tell how productive we were. ;)

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