Don’t Know About You But I Am Un Chien Andalusia

I enjoyed Daryl’s set at Hideout yesterday, but it exposed me to a danger that had never occurred to me before.

When he played Debaser, it was the first time I’d ever heard a Pixies song played out loud in public (in my head doesn’t count) and I suddenly realized that my usual private Pixies-listening routine of mad pogoing and fractured screaming should probably be suppressed. So I just bopped a little and hissed “un CHIEN Andalusia!” to Alec pretending it was a sweet nothing, and all the while Black Francis impressions were bubbling up in me like tics in a Tourette’s sufferer (yes, I’m reading Motherless Brooklyn at the moment, how’d you guess?), and I’m just really glad Daryl didn’t play Caribou because neither Alec nor I are able to sit through that one without swaying from side to side like drunk yogis and singing “cariBOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUU” and I think that might have been quite embarrassing.


  1. You’ve never heard a Pixies song in public before? It’s a totally different experience. Gigantic really does sound amazing with the huge bass from speakers.

    Glad to see you, and glad you enjoyed it! Set list coming up soon.

  2. They’ve never been played at the few indie club nights I’ve been to, sadly. I guess you’ll just have to play Gigantic next time then. :) (Or River Euphrates! Cue me screaming RAIRAIRAIRAIRAIRAIRAIRAI in public…)

  3. hahah cariBOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU that really really cracked me up

    i used to watch this cartoon called VeggieTales, i loved it cos it was so silly that it hurt. one of the songs had the chorus ceBUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU *lalalalalalalala*

  4. tessa I saw the SIBOUUUUUU (not sure how exactly it’s spelt) Veggie Tales as well! – but my favouite is The Dance of the Cucumber. I Love My Lips is a close second.

  5. I’ve not heard an Andrew Hill piece played in public before either.

    First time I heard Television’s “Marquee Moon” played in public was in a small town in France. I was totally amazed.

  6. They were playing a Pixies album at the music store today. They had it on pretty quiet though..

    I never hear any decent music outside. All the DJ’s here play whatevers in the top 10 or crappy mid-90’s house music.

  7. Actually Tessa, I think Molloy (Alec’s brother) was talking about Ireland. But at least Ireland’s proximity to England means they get decent gigs fairly regularly. A recent issue of IS here did a feature on the top 20 gigs ever in Singapore, and it was really rather sad. (Sonic Youth was fucking 20??!!?)

    And then of course there’s our “world-famous” club which is, oh I don’t know, only about 4 years behind the rest of the world music-wise, and is completely uninterested in any of the dance music I actually find exciting. Thank God there’s a burgeoning independent club night scene here for people who find “progressive house” laughably oxymoronic.

  8. Mr Miyagi: Indeed I wuz! Maybe next time I’ll pluck up the courage to say “er, hello, i’m michelle from syntaxfree” (and then scurry away).

    Tessa: My indie dream is to be in a venue full of people, all sitting on the floor cross-legged, singing cariBOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUU while swaying from side to side. Of course, if we were doing this while the Pixies were actually performing the song in front of us that would be, like, a big plus.

    Laces: Unfortunately, Motherless Brooklyn was from the library and I have to return it today. Will tell you if it’s worth seeking out when I finish it. The Fortress Of Solitude is actually the one I was more interested in reading, but it was already borrowed out. Am sure it’ll be available again soon enough though, so I won’t need to borrow it from you.

    sieteocho: Did you visibly react to hearing Marquee Moon? Might have been funny. Once, in Misato (London), I realized they were playing Sonic Youth’s Daydream Nation album as their piped dining music and exclaimed OH MY GOD!!!! just as the waitress arrived to take our orders.

  9. Was it a *candle light* dinner? (Daydream Nation – Candle – hur hur hur)

    There was this time when my sis was in JC and she heard somebody whistle “Teenage Riot” and she was like, hey, another Sonic Youth fan! She rushed to see who the fellar was. The fellar was unfortunately the guy who turned her onto SY (ie me).

    Strictly speaking “Marquee Moon” wasn’t played in public. We were walking on a side road, and a car was passing by, it was on the stereo. I recognised a few bars of the first guitar solo.

  10. sieteocho: It wasn’t a *candle light* dinner, but at least the food wasn’t…yep, you know what’s coming…*total trash*. hur hur hur.

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