Don’cha Know I Get Emulsified

We each had about 20 minutes on the decks at Ci’en’s Pah-ti. This was obviously not a whole lot of time with which to reprazent, but therein lay the challenge! Here’s what I did with mine:

  1. Emulsified (Yo La Tengo): Because I was playing something later which sounds quite similar to Griselda, because The Whole Of The Law isn’t really a party track, and because Blue Line Swinger would have taken up almost all of my allotted time. And because Emulsified is lovely.

  2. In The Aeroplane Over The Sea (Neutral Milk Hotel): Because I have lived in every moment of this album for the past 8 years, and it still transports me the same way it did the day I brought it home.

  3. Baby Got Back (cover by Jonathan Coulton): Because this is just self-evidently awesome, and anyone who doesn’t appreciate it is an enemy of joy. And big butts.

  4. Home Sweet Home (Kano): Okay, I knew this one and the next would pretty much go down like lead balloons among most of the crowd there, but I have to admit I didn’t care. The Amoy Street concrete just needed to hear this, okay?

  5. Dancingbox (Modeselektor featuring TTC): I was somehow really in the mood to play some TTC, but Leguman just loses so much when you don’t get to see it performed live by a guy with a big legume for a head. This track had been rocking my commute for a couple of months, so I used it instead.

  6. Darling Nikki (Prince): Because every set needs some Prince. Who else is gonna rhyme “sex fiend” with “masturbating with a magazine”?

  7. ‘Cross The Breeze (Sonic Youth): Because you knew I’d get this in somewhere. :)

I only wish I’d been able to get there earlier, stay longer, and hear more of what other people played, but I didn’t dare to risk missing any of Gang Starr and left around midnight. Cheers to everyone I met, if you read this – I arrived feeling alone and awkward and weird but that quickly evaporated with your good company. And cheers, obviously, to Ci’en for organizing. Please do so again, I promise to stay and get trashed with all of you the next time!


  1. i just started listening to neutral milk hotel and i loooooove it.

    yes ci’en should organise another one.

  2. Benny, I thought I told you before that Coldplay are too precious for me to share with anybody.

  3. Could do Keane. DJ Shadow remixed them so that makes it OK, right? Right!?

    Been listening to Neutral Milk Hotel constantly since I got it last year. It’s pretty damn perfect.

    Great list there, would just adore to be a DJ for 20 minutes and impose my taste in music on
    the poor public. Should have tried playing Reload by Kano, if they didn’t respond positively to that they’d have to be dead inside. Plus, it would segue nicely into the glorious filth of Darling Nikki.

  4. James, Keane is never OK. Did you not get the memo from my secret cabal of snobs?

    Yeah, there’s a bit of a thrill in the idea of being able to impose my taste on other people, but I realized while picking my songs that there were still limitations on which bits of my taste I actually dared to impose. I didn’t want people to walk out if I played something too out there! I mean, I could force Captain Beefheart on everyone to look cool, but then I’d be a cool person in an empty room with no friends.

    So I mostly just played it safe and palatable, though of course every song I played was still a song I loved. I had just enough balls to play the Kano and Modeselektor tracks but I’d probably not have dared to do an entire 20 minutes featuring only those aspects of my taste.

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