Do You Want Fries With That?

Given my recent tendency to make posts which embarrass my long-suffering boyfriend with their indecency, I put a lot of thought into writing an entry which was the very soul of propriety and restraint. But then I checked my referral logs and found I was number 2 on the Internet for, er, this.


  1. Don’t take this the wrong way [from me!] but I think, Michelle, that Freud would have a field day, Alec is a lucky man indeed, and you might need help.

  2. Tamara, given that I once heard your views on “taking it the wrong way” expressed at top volume one night through a rather thick wall in our flat, I think Freud would have his hands full with you first…

  3. Freud might even have something to say about the way you phrased that “his hands full with you first”. Obviously, Michelle, you yearn for a threesome; Tamara, Dr Freud and yourself.

    Other evidence:

    Isn’t it interesting that you find my beard so attractive, hmm.

    And then we all remember your interest in Tamara’s underwear.

    Is this your idea of “taking it the wrong way”.

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