Me: Aaargh, while trying to redesign my blog I don’t have any time to update it.
Alec: I could update it in your place! “Hi! I hate everything! This band sucks squid semen!”
Me: ……
Alec: No one would know it wasn’t you.


  1. Can I add?:

    Michelle: *does staid body posture with arms by her side facing square on to Alec whilst eyes are narrowed slightly and lips pursed*

    ; )

  2. Oh! Alec!

    We could update it together in Michelle’s place!

    "Me: Alec! Guess who I had dinner with today? You’ll never guess.
    Alec: I don’t know, dear. Who?
    Me: I had dinner with Neila Gaiman, Joanne Depp, Thurstonita Moore & Cam Gordon, Michaela Jackson, and Danuta Rhodes.
    Alec: Dear, they all sound like bad impressionists. Have you been drinking Guinness and blackcurrant again?
    Me: No! I was in a restaurant with some friends and I overheard the Maitre d’ saying those people had reserved a table in the restaurant, but you can’t pull the wool over my eyes. I e-mailed them all to let them know that I knew that they knew that I knew that they knew what nobody else knew. And Neil Gaiman, Johnny Depp, Thurston Moore, Kim Gordon, Michael Jackson and Dan Rhodes all e-mailed back and invited me to have dinner with them. Isn’t that so cool?!"
    Alec: That’s nice dear.
    Me: ……

    ; )

  3. Russ, I get your first comment (dammit stop knowing me so well!!) but the second one kinda eludes me. In that your first comment describes something I (have only just realized I always) do, but your second comment describes something that would never (sob) happen to me.

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