Debate Judging / Handspring Buying

Phew. A googleworth of thoughts have been building up in my head over the past couple of days with little opportunity for release, with the result that they’ve been boinging off each other and my already frail grey matter in classic Brownian motion. My eyes are getting a little glazed, and I’ve been surreptitiously checking my ears every now and then for leakage.

Let’s start with today, which is as good a place as any, and which was impressively productive. I judged three debates, gave three adjudication speeches, and slipped out between the second and third debate to Funan Centre with my sister, where we bought Handsprings. I now own yet another gadget I don’t reaaaaaaally need, but shamelessly lust after anyway. Yay. :)

The debates were preliminary rounds in the national JC debating championships, and I have to say that the competition’s either undergone an considerable increase in quality, or the debating gods were smiling on me, because I didn’t get a single debate that made me contemplate suicide or pray for spontaneous combustion. Scrutinizing my notes on the way home, I was amazed to find a marked absence of the “??!!!“s, “STUPID“s and “OH, PUH-LEASE“s that used to feature regularly in my scribbled comments (these, of course, manifest themselves less offensively in my formal adjudication speeches).