Day In The Life

Ah. Have just had a productive discussion with Nick and cooked some kick-ass honey and mustard chicken. I might have two tutorials to do for tomorrow, and feel guilty about the fact that I’m going to be watching West Wing tonight, but right now I still feel gooooood.

I didn’t get to talking about yesterday in my earlier post. Yesterday was well spent (as was about £20 on the various things I got up to) apart from the fact that I really really meant to go for my property seminar, for which I’d been labouring over reservation of title clauses, but only woke up just as it was finishing. Sigh.

One of the reasons I keep this blog is simply to remind myself of what I do with my life, which is why I sometimes tend to be quite detailed about how I’ve spent my day. I can’t be bothered to do that right now for Wednesday, but here’s a somewhat uncrafted account of things.

Got out of bed at almost 1 pm. Cursed a lot. Russ came over. Got lectured a little (and deservedly so) on getting enough sleep and waking up on time. Tried to decide about renewing my mobile phone contract (which network? which tarif? which phone? which minion of hell dreamed up these damn contraptions and then got me dependent on them?). Failed. Left to go watch Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon at the Curzon in Soho. Went to Impulse first to return CDs. Got slightly dirty looks from the staff because I was returning £40 worth. Well, I did buy £80 worth, so I don’t have a guilty conscience. Bought tickets. Sandwich lunch in Neal’s Yard or whatever that little shopping centre’s called.

Watched the movie. Michelle Yeoh’s Mandarin was bad. The dialogue and Moments were as stilted and cliched as it always is in Chinese films. The plot had the usual chinks. We agreed that it had various flaws but at the end of it all it’s always nice watching something where you remember dreaming you can fly.

Returned the Craig Armstrong CD to HMV, bought a Kranky Records “kompilation”. Dinner in Wagamama. Met Karen at Leicester Square to go lindy-hopping at the Notre Dame. Lindy-hopping’s always fun. Got home. Read the papers. Blissed out over Amon Tobin’s Bricolage. Went to bed.

That’s what I did. Yeah.