Dancing To Autechre

I sometimes bob around my room a bit while listening to Autechre, but I never thought of them as a techno act anyone would really dance to until I saw this mindbending video of some Korean-American guy dancing to (what sounds like) their song Eutow.


  1. OMG, I’ve loved that album for so long that I don’t even own it on CD, only on cassette! That album made me “bob around” even in the days when I was convinced that I couldn’t dance to save my life! In fact, you’ve just inspired me to listen again. I’m playing it right now.

  2. Explain this to me: why is it so many people think Violator is Depeche Mode’s best album? Speaking for myself, I feel they have two other albums that stand head and shoulders above it lyrically and musically.

    I must concede, though, that Violator is nonetheless the most bob-able of their LPs, due to its generous use of 12/8 time signatures (Personal Jesus; Blue Dress; Sweetest Pefection; Clean) and general analogue-y squelchiness.

    Ok that’s my 2 cents of music geekery. Ker-ching!

  3. It would be easier to reply if you named the other 2 albums, Don. :)

    I can’t say it’s their best album, because I haven’t heard all of them, only Music For The Masses, Black Celebration and Some Great Reward.

  4. I know you didn’t suggest it’s their best album, but I know a lot of people think it is. I say this based on such varied (and sometimes dubious) sources as the Rolling Stones Encyclopedia, fansites and Q Magazine.

    Yes, Black Celebration is one of the two; the other is 1993’s Songs of Faith and Devotion.

    Useless personal trivia: DM is one of the only four acts with sizeable repertoires for which I can actually claim “I have heard all their albums”. The other are the Beatles, the Pet Shop Boys and Kraftwerk.

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