Crossing The Rubicum

After Alec got a haircut yesterday, he tried to make his way from Circular Road to the Ritz-Carlton to attend a wedding. Due to National Day Parade rehearsals in the vicinity, various roads were closed and crowds were packed solid outside the parade areas waiting to see the fireworks. Usual routes to the Ritz-Carlton had hence been rendered impassable, but in a situation where a lesser man would have given up and resigned himself to his fate, my boyfriend stood strong and forged a creative MacGyveresque solution.

Either that or the following text-message I received from him, explaining why he wasn’t at the hotel yet, was rather hastily typed: “Have to take a cumboat to cross the river”

[Non-Singaporeans might find this contextual link useful.]

[I verily believe this is the worst-titled entry ever on this blog! Any contrary views?]


  1. i agree with suzy. who came up with that term anyway? and is it cos you sit on the boat therefore it’s a ‘boat for bums’ (then again, which boat doesn’t require passengers to sit? apart from cruise liners of course)… or they used to ferry hobos across the river?

  2. I am more shocked by the fact that he actually thought of taking the boat to get to the wedding!!! I would have whined, and somehow tried to find a way to get there ON DRY LAND.

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