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How shallow does it make me that I kinda wish the particular editions I had of the last two books I was reading (my reading is primarily done on public transport) had different covers?

The one I was reading before those two had a suitably pretentious cover, but unfortunately I must confess that I enjoyed it the least. (I’m glad I read it, albeit 20 years after first reading Jane Eyre, and it successfully achieves everything I expected it to achieve, but it took a little more commitment to get through than the others.)

Oh well, as unimpressive as those first two covers are for public reading, at least they’re not THIS! (Found via random surfing, more horror here)

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  1. I think she’s not doing what some people think she is doing!

    but if she isn’t -he is-?????????? hand down his pants -a stance reserved only for someone who is married with children and has a laff track!! not the cover of broody euro-lit. which this clearly purports to be.

    on first perusal i thought it looked like that “adult” literature which is all feather and no boa!!

    of course if that is the case, that would explain the trompe-l’œil

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