Counting Blessings

Just because, here are 5 highlights of my 2005:

  • Alec moving to Singapore, after one and a half years of us living on different continents.
  • Having an awesome birthday. For once, lots of people actually remembered, and I attended one of the best gigs of my life.
  • My best friend Russ visiting me in Singapore. Every moment of our time together was great but one thing that made me especially happy was dancing to the Scratch Perverts at Zouk together – they were the DJs we saw the first time we went clubbing together, on our first visit to a very newly-opened Fabric, having just met each other in the first week of our first year of university. Six years later, so much had changed for us but the important things hadn’t.
  • Not having cancer really rocked, and the outpouring of concern I received from strangers and friends alike touched me deeply.
  • An amazing holiday to London, Norway and Germany, which had the perfect balance between time with dear friends in beloved places and adventures alone in the new and fascinating. The travel journal entries are still a work in progress but rereading them fills me with joy.

Other cool things happened to me too, but these stand out. I hope all of you had a good year too, and wish you health, happiness, joy and love in the next. :)


  1. I could only think of 3 off the top of my head. This is probably why I don’t have a blog.

    Alec moving to Singapore, after one and a half years of us living on the same continent.

    That gap of 3 months where Alec didn’t have a phoneline.

    Hearing Alec went waterskiing in a lake full of raw sewage and used condoms. And fell in alot.

  2. James,

    Let me help you make the five. Surely you’re not forgetting the two occasions this year where you’ve been let off the hook on drunk and disorderly charges.

    Who wants to hear about James’ drunk and disorderly charges?

  3. Pot kettle black Michelle.

    And I wasn’t disorderly in the slightest. Falling asleep in your car is some other charge. I’ll have you know I was the perfect gentleman. Except when I fell ontop of that Ryanair stewardess.

  4. “Pot kettle black Michelle.”

    Eh? So in praising Alec’s quick table-turning, I am being blind to my own praiseworthy skillz? The phrase isn’t usually used in reference to compliments surely!

  5. “Pot kettle black Michelle.”
    Hmm, James does have a point. Michelle did over indulge herself a little this New Year. But that’s not a story for this comments section. Interested readers will have to contact me at the above email address.
    The subtle difference is that afterwards Michelle’s father didn’t have to visit the local constabulary to make excuses for her idiotic behavior.

  6. being drunk at the office christmas par-tay is of course a no-no …unless like me you get so drunk you “forget” to go disco dancing and therefore save yourself alot of embarassment..(damn you phone cameras!!!)

    Michelle do you have office christmas par-tays in sing-sing (my new nick name for Singapore- all the kids will be calling it that in the schoolyard this year)

    surely one of your clients will facilitate your office for your christmas par-tay, give you a boat for an evening, which you can sail out into international waters and then smoke indoors to yours hearts content.

    well maybe nxt year.

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