The countdown to London starts on Friday.

On Friday, my best friend Russ arrives in Singapore on a 3 week vacation.¹ As if that level of Michelle bliss isn’t enough, the Scratch Perverts play at Zouk the night he arrives! So in one fell swoop, I’m getting two of the things I’ve longed for most since returning to Singapore – the company of my best friend, and the chance to see some of my long-running favourite DJs again.

The same week that Russ leaves here in May, Nav arrives on her visit.

A few weeks after Nav leaves, my pupillage ends.

A few weeks after my pupillage ends, I make what I hope will become an annual trip to England, and see these two people, other people I love, and the city I love, again.

¹ Obviously he’s also exploring other bits of South East Asia during his holiday, would I be so cruel as to force the poor guy to stay in Singapore for 3 weeks, just for me? (Don’t answer that.)


  1. So, you’re coming to London in…. somewhere between 9 and 15 weeks? Well, let me know when you’re in town, I’ll hold a rain-soaked barbecue in your honour in my new communal back garden.

  2. Can’t be arsed to count weeks, but mid-July’s the bit to make vague mental marks on your possibly non-existent calendar for.

    And I would very much love to attend a rain-soaked barbecue thrown by a Lounge Walrus. The new place is in Brixton, is it? Even bettah.

  3. I’m in Streatham, but it’s a stone’s throw from Brixton. I look forward to mid July – Braunwin should be in town then too.

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