Content Too Random For Title

I’m not quite sure why, but between yesterday and today, this computer lab has suddenly started smelling of unwashed hair. Yes, I’m familiar with the smell, because it is exactly what my brother’s room smells like. Mind you, it’s a different smell from general unwashedness. I am familiar with that smell because it’s what my brother’s room used to smell like before he, er, improved. Hands up all those who want to swop brothers. Don’t all rush at once.

I just found out about the results of the Bloggies. Well done to Wockerjabby for winning Best Kept Secret weblog, although I’m not quite sure how it’s a secret given that I’ve been reading it since about April last year, and I’m not particularly in the loop blogging-wise. Or in general, actually. I’d also have nominated her for Best Named and Best Titled Navigational Thingy if such categories existed, but I admit that’s just because one of my favourite poems ever is involved.

I went to bed at 1 am last night because I had a splitting headache. I woke up at the first of the three alarm clocks that I have (and which regularly fail me, or I them, depending on my state of self-delusion on a given day) with the proverbial bright eyes and bushy tail. Perhaps I should look into this sleeping-and-waking-up-at-regular-hours-like-the-rest-of-the-human-race thing.