Coming Across Her Naughty Bits

You know you’re stressed when, while preparing a research document on the passing of property and risk in carriage of goods by sea, you start smiling every time you come across references to “ship’s flange”.

(Non-shipping lawyers: The flange is a part of the ship. Property and risk in goods are often agreed to pass from seller to buyer as they are moved across it in the process of loading.)

(Non-Brits see here for double-meaning.)

You know you’re stressed but bored when the next thing you do is a global search-and-replace of “flange” with “minge”.

You know you’re stressed, bored and playing with fire when the third thing you do is a Google search for “minge” in order to provide another definition for non-Brits, and then break into giggles at the results. I present:


  1. I was particularly amused by the area of Haiti. More specifically ‘Top pages for minge’ where no tips have been rated yet. I was tempted to add a few pages. And I’ve just spotted the words ‘members living here’, to which the answer is ‘1’, which is a relief. I’ll be smiling all day. And what can the top tips section ‘Off the beaten path’ refer to?

  2. Since Matt and I are of similar maturity levels, I too was amused by ‘Member tips’. Thankfully no images were available.

    The offer of a map of Minge is a develpoment that will surely be to everyones advantage.

  3. Becoming a member allowed me acces to entering tips. Among them was a header inviting ‘Minge tourist Traps, followed by the subheading:

    We have all been sucked in before… it’s okay to admit it.

    Perhaps I need to grow up.

  4. we were talking about tax deduction in the office and you know how everyone uses acronyms? so single tax deduction = STD. and we were all sitting around solemnly trying to figure if we shd allow pple to carry forward their STDs perpetually or for just 5 years.

  5. I’m helping to write a charity musical for a students’ club I’m in. The beneficiary of this project is the Patient Care Centre at TTSH which treats HIV patients. Unfortunately, the official abbreviation for the Patient Care Centre is PCC. I have no idea why no-one has even shown a hint of snigger about this since we started working on the project. Heaven knows how hard I control myself whenever the centre is mentioned at our meetings. Not to take anything away from the good work that it does, of course.

  6. When I was writing this entry, I was wondering whether to go beyond just the names of the minge sites to highlight some of the goodies found, er, further within. I decided not to, hoping that it may give room for other people to be puerile too.

    So thanks, Matt and Alec. You never let me down.

  7. once in secondary school we we having one of those Civics and Moral Education Classes and the teacher was handing out pamphlets on STDs and so forth… it was quite a big class and she had a lot of pamphlets left over, so she went: “Anybody needs some more STDs? I got a lot of STDs! Anybody wants STDs?” which of course broke us all up and she none the wiser. :P

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