Clown, reveal thyself!

I clicked on my Activity Log in the Movable Type system out of sheer boredom. Most of the actions it listed are fairly mundane. “Michelle added entry #614.” “Search query for: portishead.”

And then:
2003.09.30 22:39:04
Search: query for ‘Hello, Michelle. It’s Bobo the clown’

I believe this is what they call one of those what the fuck??!! moments.


  1. Hilarious. I’m on the floor. Now who the fuck are you? :P

    Bet you’re one of those clowns that’s actually crying, deep inside.

  2. I’ve decided it’s Russ. It’s the sort of thing he’d find funny. Also, he’s done things like this before, like leaving secret messages in random directories of my computer. Russ, defend yourself. Or come clean.

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