City Of God Two Thumbs Up Run Don’t Walk

Believe the hype. City Of God really is that good. I almost wish I hadn’t started the year by watching it, because I don’t know if any movie I see this year will be able to match up.

Even if, like me, you’ve never seen GoodFellas or want to see it. Even if you didn’t think much of Amores Perros (hello, John!), or if, like me, you thought the first story about the dogfight was brilliant even if the next two were ho-hum and the model searching for her “Reeeeeeky!” incredibly irritating, then I tell you City Of God is as good as that first story, all throughout the film. Even if you’re skint, and were thinking of waiting for the video – sell a younger sibling, or a kidney. Be resourceful. Seriously.