Cast Of Characters + Economist Style Quiz

So far this site has featured Crazy Elbows At Eye-Jabbing Level Girl & Very Sweaty Shirtless I’m-Soooo-Cool-Because- You-Can-See-My-Calvins-Over-The-Top-Of-My-Well-Filled-
Trousers Guy
, Stupor Guy and possibly a few more characters I’ve forgotten about since. Bryan introduces the world to a whole host more. Unexpectedly Attractive Birthmark Girl Who Slouches sounds particularly intriguing.

In news of the random, pointless and childish, here’s thumbing my nose at you, Ken. I beat you by one mark in the Economist style quiz. 9/12. Nyah.

Of course, in the same paragraph where I gloat over achieving this standard in writing style, I engage in obtuse mixing and mangling of cultural references, probably to incomprehensible effect. Always the hypocrite.