Casey At 5 Months

For weeks I’ve been accumulating a pretty large backlog of photos I’d like to put up here. Many record cultural observations, or moments of beauty or humour, capturing my view of the world around me in my attempts at artistic exploration.

However, none of those photos will be displayed in this post. Instead, here be cat pics.

Casey is now 5 months old. On her first visit to the vet, she entered gibberish into her own veterinary records by wandering onto the keyboard as the vet was typing. She is very strong and can pin big healthy adults to the sofa for hours on end, simply by draping herself across a belly, falling asleep, and generally being warm and fuzzy. Her favourite food is finger, but she never breaks the skin.

topsy turvy
Cute and she knows it.
inter-species love
Completely unposed, I swear.
turtle soup
Hasn’t quite grasped the distinction between terrapin food and water and cat food and water.

[Before anyone goes reporting me to the SPCA for cruelty to terrapins, let me just clarify that the terrapin spends most of the day clambering around the backyard and sunning itself. It only goes in that small tank to sleep and eat.]


  1. Ahhhhhhh.

    Incidentally Mich, did you get my email? I set up a blog because you said I should ;)

    I have cute cat pictures on there too…

  2. I saw the cat pictures, Nat, they’re…extraordinary! Hope you’re enjoying blogging, because I’m enjoying reading it. May I link you, or would you rather keep your privacy? :)

  3. Glad you’re enjoying my blog :)) I’m definitely enjoying it – far more than I thought I would! Link away :) I was wondering about linking to yours, but my parents have been reading my blog and I wasn’t sure you’d be happy with them wandering over here…

    Wonky is cool.

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