Caramon The Copycat

Plagiarism disgusts me. Therefore, caramonyeo disgusts me. If he disgusts you too, please feel to drop by his site and let him know what a loser he is. (Link found via Tomorrow.)

His response to comments which pointed out that he had plagiarised sarongpartygirl?

“I am surprised that its indeed similar, however its not the same.. thanks for pointing it out.. cheers..”

Newsflash, copycat: it doesn’t have to be the same to be plagiarism. Google it yourself to find out more. After all, you seem quite good at trawling the Net for content.

I was also amused by his “About Me” description:

“Well, to know more about me is like reading a book.”

Yeah, like reading a book…written by someone else!

Addendum: Just in case copycatyeo decides to delete the comment I made on his blog, I shall reproduce it here. In the past I’ve been quite sad to lose the comments I left on Xiaxue’s blog which she decided to delete (and ban me as well), and I’d rather like to keep this one.

Caramon: Your flaccid response disgusts me, as it should any blogger, Singaporean or otherwise, who actually takes the trouble to apply their mind to writing their own posts. It will obviously take years for you to bed a local girl if she fears that the minute she opens her legs you will Ctrl-C her chee bye and Ctrl-V it on your blog.

It’s quite easy to give credit to people whose writing you admire, you know? There’s this thing people use on the Internet, it’s called “linking”. Perhaps you’ve heard of it?

You’ve been caught good and proper. At least be man enough to admit it and apologize.


  1. Haha – I LOVE “CTRL-C her chee bye and CTRL-V it on your blog”. Hilarious. Can I plagiarise that? PLEASE?

  2. HAHAHA! That was hilarious, Michelle! I wonder if a girl can sue him for copyright infringement on her cheebye.

  3. AHAHAHAHA…. fabulous. :)

    This reminds me of a story I heard about a female sergeant who apparently yelled at her platoon – “Shout LOUDER! …LOUDER! You call that loud?? Huh?? MY CHEE BYE CAN SHOUT LOUDER THAN THAT.”

  4. Asian Pussy!…I mean, Asian Chee Bye! Asian Chee Bye!

    You go girl…I’ve felt plagerized a couple of times where people posted my opinions as if it was their own. Asanine. How hard was it to go “I found this or that on ABC’s site (link). I agree. These are my opinions…”

  5. It’s blantant plagiarism. Period. It’s so darn obvious. Sometimes people can have the same ideas by sheer coincidence. I give this much benefit of the doubt to you. But when the ideas are articulated in such an uncannily similar manner to the extent that even the same words are used, not to mention sentence structure, it’s pretty obvious.

    If he at least tried to paraphrase, I would respect him more (though it doesn’t mean he’s any less guilty of plagiarism.), or at least give me some credit for attempting at least, even if it’s in the lamest way, to cover his tracks. But this word-for-word plagiarism, which I previously thought would be perpetrated only in junior high, is a display of outright stupidity at its best.

    In typical singaporean speak, copy can, at least have to the balls to admit it.

    Now you can’t blame us girls for digging angmoh guys, can you? They have bigger dicks and big enough balls to match!

  6. What a bizarre character! Seems as if he simply steals chunks off other people’s blogs, post them on his blog, and pass them off as his own experiences!

    Who is he anyway? Is his blog (in)famous in Singapore or something?

  7. Umm, I just noticed ‘Michelle (too)’s comments, that last line there. Thanks for destroying whatever’s left of my confidence in Singaporean girls.

  8. ahahahh your comment’s v.hilarious!

    as a side note: to be honest, i can’t say that i like sarongpartygirl’s blog, but i do admire her balls and it does make good voyereuristic reading…

  9. ok, I’m really intrigued now – why were you ‘banned’ from xiaxue’s blog? *kpo*

  10. Ken dahling, you’d have no need to plagiarise it considering you’re never short of a witty barb yourself.

    Kelly: You mean people posted your exact *words* as well? Did you take this up with them? I think I wouldn’t have a clue if anyone plagiarised me, actually – quite worrying. There are so many blogs out there that the probability that I’d come across the guilty blog while surfing seems really miniscule.

    Curious people who want to know how I got banned by Xiaxue: It’s been such a long time now that I can’t remember what I did exactly. I am definite I did not flame her (I only flame people who are just asking for it, e.g. Caramon), but neither was I one of those slavering sycophants she calls her “blogders”. I think I merely disagreed with her robustly but civilly – sadly, I think that’s all it took. A true child of PAP Singapore.

  11. *shakes head sadly* and you can almost SEE where he starts copying the entry – when there’s a sudden change in vocabulary and tone. Hey Michelle, will you mind if I post up your comment on my blog (properly credited of course!!) ;) It’s hilarious.

  12. Love the comment, bet it’s deleted.

    This is bringing out the bitch in me, off I go to go read it …

  13. You damn me with faint praise, Tamara, it’s not as if the bitch in you lurks fathoms deep below the surface! :P

    But as regards his further plagiarism, as I mentioned in a recent comment on his site (where Kelly had pointed out yet another plagiarised post), I don’t actually think there’s much point in pressuring him further. In the immortal words of “Anon.”, “he couldn’t get a clue if he stripped naked, rubbed himself with clue musk, went to the middle of the clue breeding grounds at the height of clue breeding season when it was full of horny clues and did the clue mating dance for days.”

    del: Feel free to quote my cheebyeness. :)

  14. What I find even more hilarious – Kenny Sia’s religious comments “This sounds disgustingly similar to blahblahblah.”


  15. I don’t think the plagiarism is even an issue. I’ve read three of his posts and it just seems to be a space for him to whine about the fact he’s not getting laid. Not that my blogging is pulitzer-prize-winning stuff, but if you’re going to plagiarise, at least plagiarise something interesting….

    Maybe someone whing about not getting laid is interesting to some – we’re all different, after all; someone reads Heat magazine, someone reads Nuts and Zoo (sorry I can’t make Singaporean references, but I’m sure you have your fair share of tree-wasting trash – insert reference here).

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