Burns Night Bloat

I heard Stephen Malkmus’s new single on the radio today! He’s playing at the Garage on February 12, and I’d really like to be there given that I missed Pavement’s last gig at the Brixton Academy in November ’99, which I now kick myself energetically and mercilessly for. Hey, friends of Michelle who like Pavement/Malkmus and are in London? Anyone? Please? Sigh.

(originally written at 12.23 AM, Friday morning)
Note to self: dancing the ceilidh for half an hour after a huge Belgo’s dinner is not a good idea. Tonight is Burns Night, which pyromaniacs and sadomasochists possibly twist to suit their special needs, but which the Scots have adopted to celebrate the life and work of Robert Burns. So I came home to my hall after braised beef in beer with apples and plums, a couple of mussels, and lots of fries, got pulled into a ceilidh circle, and didn’t get out again till half an hour later. Although I suppose it could have been worse. I could have been dancing the ceilidh for half an hour after a huge haggis dinner, for example.