Burning On Re-Entry

Back. We came in from Heathrow on a tube full of Saturday night wankers, dumped our bags at my flat and headed out starving to China House. We had hash browns the next day for breakfast, dim sum for lunch, and chicken korma and saag gosht at Sweet’N’Spicy (our favourite Brick Lane eaterie) for dinner. You can probably tell we were tired of continental European food (though not its wine prices, hic).

The problem with holidays is coming back to earth afterwards. I have managed to spend all five weeks of the Easter vacation not studying, and haemorrhaging money. I’m worried about Sars and my family in Singapore. A variety of small but significant things I need to do and make decisions about are building up under my skin and feel unpleasantly like ticks. I’d like to be writing here about everything we did, but I’m probably going to be too busy burning on re-entry.