Breezeblock Notes (Cannibal Ox/Medaphoar)

Reasons not to be disappointed when one tunes into this week’s Breezeblock expecting DJ/Rupture, doesn’t get him after all, and must instead listen to what the good people at Radio One have come up with instead:

  • The Cannibal Ox reunion gig
  • Medaphoar live in session
  • Cursor Miner – Carnivore, and ScanOne – Yes Yes, 2 tracks from The Four Guardians EP (Combat Records), which basically sounds like it’ll be shit-hot.
  • Dijf Sanders – Neglected Pleasures

How many ways do I love the BBC? How many ways do you?


  1. Have come across Cursor Miner in various mixes before but don’t know much more about him/them/it apart from likin’ the choons.

    Dijf Sanders is new to me too, I just loved that track after hearing it on the show and wanted to note it here for posterity.

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