Breezeblock / 7 Purchases

The most recent Breezeblock show starts with Midnight In A Perfect World, and goes on to feature a bloody amazing white label track by Knifehandchop and a live mix by Kieran Hebden.

Django’s got 10% off all used CDs and 15% of all new CDs, plus free shipping worldwide for over US$25 worth of new CDs. I ordered:

  • Soundmurderer: Wired For Sound
  • Edan: Primitive Plus
  • The Decemberists: Castaways And Cutouts
  • Six By Seven: The Things We Make
  • DJ Spooky: Riddim Warfare
  • Aereogramme: Sleep And Release
  • Doctor Octagon: Doctor Octagonecologyst

Thank God for the Internet. There is only so long I can subsist on MTV and shitty local radio.