Bloody Merry

Merry Christmas, everyone. A pint of Hoegaarden is certainly not enough in itself to render me merry (especially at the sobering price of $19) but surveyed in the context of a fantastic trip to Thailand, a completely fuckup-free introduction of Alec to my various extended family units, and the divinely bonecrushing bass response of my brand new Altec Lansing speakers to Photek, it should be fairly obvious that you have before you a bloody merry Michelle.

At some point I had lofty plans for year-end music/movie lists, but much like the Christmas cards I haven’t written or sent yet, those might make their appearances some time well into 2004.


  1. I meant to do lists, too, but realised that I’m a few years behind movie/music-wise.

    What is with the omnipresence of Hoegaarden in the blgos I read?

    Oh, yeah. Merry Christmas and so on.

  2. That reminds me. We’re both in agreement that Christmas cards and presents won’t be exchanged until sometime in February or so, just before our birthdays come around the corner, right?


  3. Oh(!) Oh(!) Oh(!) Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas! (Yeah, I know I’m a bit late, but hey ho.)

    I had a great one with my family and also my god sister and god brother. My god sister asked for you. We had roast duck this year and I bought chocolate and coffee pannetone from Carluccio’s as a Christmas present for everyone to share for dessert. Carluccio’s pannetone is absolutely scrumptious(!)

    I’m off to a country cottage for the new year. Might even check out the Eden project if there’s time. Should be lots of fun because I’ll have great company. I wish you could come.

    *flash thought* Maybe we can meet up next Christmas/NYE? That would be excellent. It seems viable given that our previous agreement to meet up in mid-2004 has suffered from setbacks.

  4. hey M

    hope you are having a cool christmas, I bet Alec is on his best Behaviour ,its up to you to send him home either when he has lots of Tourist stories or when he has soul has calmed.

    good luck trying to pick the top ten movies of 2003 (where’s a harry potter movie when you need one)



    sorry ’bout the spelling (quite drunk)

  5. You can bet your ass he’s on his best behavour. He phoned home twice today to consult mother on the preparation of Dingle Pie.

  6. Nicholas: Hoegaarden’s luverly. The blogs you read obviously share good taste.

    Russ: Will email soon.

    Brian: Alec’s trip here included many highlights, one of which was his first encounter with the Sandman series! Ask him about it. (Okay, there were obviously flashier highlights to his trip, but anyone daring to knock the importance of Sandman will get clonked.)

    James: And a great pie it was. Michelle’s family duly impressed. Michelle duly teased for comparative lack of cooking prowess.

    Merry Christmas everyone.

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