Blogspot Just In Case

A fairly important notice: if, in the near future, you come here and are told this page doesn’t exist, you’ll find me living out of my metaphorical Internet suitcase at

I explain this a little more at the blogspot site, but since both blogs will continue to be updated with exactly the same content, you don’t actually have to go there unless this site ceases to exist at its current host. For now though, please do bookmark that site if anything I have ever written has brought the tiniest shred of joy to your life. Or if you detest me, but just keep reading this out of sheer masochism because you’re kinky that way. Or if you’re friends of mine who’ve resigned themselves to reading this site because I’m so bloody awful at keeping in touch.

Bookmark. Bookmark. Bookmark.

I was never one for subtlety. And I ain’t too proud to beg.