Blogging From The Hip

When Jared at Entropy ponders the inescapable reach of the Increasingly Visible Hand of Corporations Incorporated, and Rabi at Wockerjabby is trying (eloquently) to put her finger on the line between her campus persona and who she is in her writing, which is something I’ve been wondering about ever since Russ told me he saw a different person in my site from who I seem to be in normal life, and Ken is as funny and strange (and uncapitalized…grrr, Ken, grrr…) as usual and calls me the “the critical, rational and cost-mindful goddess of all that is musical and cd-ish”, and the computer room is closing in minutes and the resident computer room Nazi is stalking around impatiently, and I’ve really got to get back to sex discrimination law because I haven’t attended a single lesson this entire week and it’s THURSDAY now, and this sentence is really rather long; when all these things are afoot (and that’s not quite the right word, but I don’t have time to think of the right one), I think it’s better to highlight good stuff other people are writing today than try to come up with some crap of my own.

Whoo, gotta run. Nazi man having kittens.