The quick news, which is all I have time to write in my free 15 minutes Internet in the Changi departure lounge, is that Fay’s bald head has now raised over $10,000, Mogwai was pretty amazing and played Xmas Steps which is my favourite song on my favourite Mogwai album (EP + 6), and today I’m off to Bangkok for a bachelorette party. And of course, I haven’t finished writing about the Kuching trip, the Vietnam trip, last summer’s Europe trip, any of the music I’ve been listening to lately, any of the books that make my commute bearable, the Singapore Idol greatness that is Mathilda D’Silva singing Led Zeppelin, the Grey’s Anatomy hilarity that is Dr Bailey saying “O’Malley! Stop. Lookin’. At my va-jay-jay!”, my attempts at combining a weight loss regime and Japanese all-you-can-eat buffets, and of course nothing at all, at all, about how work is reducing me to a pale shadow of the person I once was.

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  1. Hey, must say the posts are getting a bit sparse round here, but I don’t blame yer. I feel your pain about work; 12-hour days and personality maintenance just don’t go together. No wonder so many people read those damn self-help books.

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