Birthday Presence

So there I was, up to my ears in the details of an oil pipeline contract, and then I heard a voice outside the door of my office, asking for Michelle.

My first thought: Wah lau that bloody ________! Always barging into my office without calling first, just assuming I’m free to drop everything and attend to him. Too much!

My second thought: Hang on, that sounded like Alec. Wha??!

Next thing I knew, Alec was in my office with a bunch of lilies. :)

He couldn’t stay long because he had to rush off to work. I walked him down to the taxi point, and we had this conversation while waiting. Sorry if it grosses anyone out, but I thought it might amuse fans of the long-running Alec/Russ war.

Me: Aww, thanks for doing this. It was really sweet of you to bring the flowers yourself.
Alec: My pleasure. Anyway, I totally had to one-up Russ.
Me: Ha! I bet next year Russ will COME FROM ENGLAND to hand-deliver the flowers to me!
Alec: Well then the year after that I’ll FLY TO ENGLAND, BUY THE FLOWERS THERE, AND BRING THEM BACK!
Me: Aw. Okay, there’s your taxi. Bye dear.
Alec: See you later, dear. Happy birthday.


  1. Too late for me to walk from my home to London and then electronically deliver a ‘Happy Birthday!’ all the way back? Happy birthday Michelle – have a great party, if it hasn’t started already (how do these time difference things work again?).

  2. Woo hoo! Someone has a birthday! Let’s get the cake and candles out!! 26! how did we ever get that old? Hope you have a lovely one, Michelle! Get completely wasted, Will have one for you over here.

    xx shoop

  3. Hi Michelle,

    Happy birthday!
    Sorry I missed your party — I kind of fell asleep last night while deciding if I could muster up enough energy at the end of the day to make it down. Heard from Shao it was insane. : )

    (Power to Alec!)

  4. Hope I’m not too late to say this: Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a fantastic party!

    Haha Alec/Russ never fail to entertain me.

  5. Hi, happy birthday! What’s your email address? I have something to send. Send it to me if you don’t want to leave it here.

  6. Hey, happy belated! Was nice to meet you at the blog pahti! Btw, I couldn’t find the song! Can you email meeee please? :D Or email me then I can give you my MSN or sth. THANKYOUUUUUU

  7. Thanks for the birthday wishes, everyone. (SHOOP! I had no idea you read this!)

    Nat: I did, but only just had the time to actually view it. It’s sweet, thank you. :)

    Brandon: Send to syntaxfree, gmail. I have a feeling I know what it is, and if I’m right, I’m really looking forward to hearing it!

  8. My mum told me this yesterday night when I went over for dinner. I quote, “I saw Michelle’s boyfriend in the morning recently. He looked kinda weird. Carrying his suitcase in one hand and a bouquet of flowers in another. And i think he was smiling to himself….”

  9. Pei Ee,

    The reported sighting sounds genuine, though I’m curious as to how your mother would recognise me.
    She’s clearly not up do date on the sartorial trends of progressive urban gentlemen. Otherwise she would have recognised that I was carrying a man-bag. That I had tucked it under my arm can only mean that I was on the verge of breaking into a sprint, so at least she was spared that disturbing sight. Not everyone was so lucky.

    The smiling to myself thing, yeahh she’s right, that is kind of weird.

  10. Trust me Alec….

    She recognises you…. =)

    So does my brother…

    It’s obvious that you are basking in limelight at Amber Park. Haha!

  11. Pei Ee: But the place is full of siao ang mohs, why would he stand out? Apart from the spandex, I mean?

  12. Happy Birthday Michelle! Sorry I missed your birthday party. I had NO VOICE and a raging fever the entire weekend. Let’s do lunch this week ya? SMS me!

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