Big Day Coming

It’s just over a year now that Alec and I got engaged, and in less than a week’s time we will be married. Perhaps that’s why I’m a little emotional on the subject, but my sappiness shouldn’t detract from this guy’s amazing proposal, which has now “spoiled market” for the entire male population of the Internet.

I teared while watching it, mostly when I saw the surprise and then giddy joy on his girlfriend’s face as she realized what was happening, but also a little bit when I tried to imagine our wedding day, this Saturday.

It certainly won’t be as cool as whatever that other couple will eventually do, but we’ve put a lot of effort into organizing a celebration that we would enjoy attending ourselves, and have received so much generous and enthusiastic support along the way from friends and family that I almost feel like lots of things could go wrong on Saturday and it wouldn’t really matter.

With a few days to go though, it’s still worth putting in some effort to make things go right, so although I wanted to pop in and mention this, I’m not sure if I’ll have time for another entry before the wedding. If I don’t manage it, I’ll see you on the other side.

(And just to show you I haven’t completely lost my edge, I’ve retained my lame practice of using indie rock references as blog entry titles.)


  1. Dearest Mich and Alec

    Big big hugs from here, and all the very best for the wedding!

    Teared when watching George’s proposal too, but then Sigur Ros does that to me anyway. I still think Alec’s proposal has the edge on spoiling market.


  2. Aw thanks, Nat. When are you next back in Singapore? I can bore you with photos at the next family party. :)

    You have a point about Sigur Ros actually, when you said that I just remembered that I also teared when I saw them live. George is still awesome though. If Alec had used his professional skills to propose to me, we would have got engaged via Excel spreadsheet.

    Thanks to Tetanus for the good wishes too. :)

  3. Hi Michelle,
    congratulations once again. Its too bad I’m not in Singapore. Can’t wait to see the wedding pictuers though!


  4. Congrats again to you two. I hope you have a lovely fun day and all goes smoothly. What ever you do, don’t stress it and promise to have lots of fun.

  5. i have been reading your blog for a while, but this is only my first comment. i enjoy what you write here, and i just want to wish you and alec a unique, funny, memorable wedding and many many splendid, happy years to come.

  6. Yes, yet another long-time reader of syntaxfree, wishing both you and Alec the happiest of days on Saturday, and a very long and happy future together… :)

  7. *snorts at Alec’s professional skills*

    Next back in Singapore… er, I don’t know. Either this Christmas (looking unlikely) or next? You may be an old married couple by the time we get around to gritting our teeth and shelling out for airfare…

    I’d love to see Sigur Ros live. Now don’t cringe, but can you believe I have made it to the ripe old age of 27 with some Yanni thing being the only concert I’ve ever been to?

  8. Congrats Mich & Alec,

    Altho we had some technical glitches, I think it went ok right?

    Have a great honeymoon and we MUST meet when you guys are back!

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