Beethoven At The Beeb

BBC Radio 3 is playing every single note of Ludwig van Beethoven during this week, and will also make all 9 of his symphonies available for download. I think this is pretty damn awesome, and the product of far greater vision (and okay, public funding) than that which motivates the Best Classical Hits In The World…Ever! vibe of Classic FM.

I’m hoping to use the site and whatever programmes I manage to listen to online to broaden my existing Beethoven knowledge beyond his symphonies, violin and piano works. Although I only revisit my classically-trained past occasionally, it always feels like time well spent once I do.

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  1. thanks for the headsup! i didn’t know the BBC had this going, and will trawl site to see what i can listen to later. too bad the office comp doesn’t allow me to download realplayer. (rats.)

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