Bad Education

I thoroughly enjoyed this. It had much hotness – Gael Garcia Bernal smouldering in drag, Fele Martinez’s auteur-with-eyeliner aura, and all the priests in their fitting black surplices! – and it spun a great yarn. Any attempt to summarise the hows and whys of this by anyone who isn’t Almodovar will probably make the movie out to be little better than Wild Things with foreign film cred, so I won’t try. Although I suppose it may annoy people who prefer their disbelief unsuspended, I think its surprises are artful and well-orchestrated, and don’t cross that “Oh, COME ON!” line in the sands of credibility.


  1. Are you implying that Wild Things is anything less that a masterpiece? Because that would be very wrong. Why, we even get to see Kevin Bacon’s cock, ffs.

  2. Glad you finally got around to seeing this. I would’ve made you go and see it when I come over to visit. (Soon! six weeks! YAY!)

  3. Damn those Singaporean censors! I don’t think we got to see Kevin Bacon’s cock. (Not that I’d be that interested, frankly. I’d rather see Denise Richards’ tits.)

  4. I saw Bad Education. Apart from enjoying Gael Garcia Bernal’s bottom (something I’d be tempted to do for real if it was offered) I thought it was a little over-the-top. But then I suppose that’s like saying something by Paul Verhoeven is violent, or something by Spielberg is overly sentimental or something by the Coen Brothers is a bit surreal.

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