Sigh. My original plan to cut down on new blog entries in order to focus on redesigning isn’t really working. I faff around a bit with the redesign, end up elbow-deep in CSS and pissed off at my total lack of visual artistry, and then spend the next couple of hours surfing aimlessly or staring wild-eyed at WebSudoko.

In the meantime, an increasingly long list of stuff I really really wanted to blog about at the time is building up:

  • Antony Gormley’s Asian Field installation, where I finally got to photograph what I was never allowed to capture in the British Museum.
  • Exploring Changi Village and finding Alec a new girlfriend literally off the street.
  • Ricky Yeo’s Portrait Of A Diarist exhibition, which threw me into complete despair at my own travel journal crapness.
  • DJ Marky, MC Stamina and the ever-loyal local drum’n’bass heads setting DXO on fire.
  • Trying to decide whether I liked Me And You And Everyone We Know or whether it was just too damn precious.
  • The joy of watching Ninja Tune animated videos on the big screen when one has previously only seen them on a laptop.
  • Resfest films: Infamy, Shorts One, Cinema Electronica.
  • Madcap Japanese comedy breakbeats with Hifana at Makino.
  • Subway Stars / KLPHQ / Furniture gig at the Substation, solely redeemed for me by KLPHQ’s blistering set.

If you’re particularly interested in my two cents on any one of those topics, please say so and give me an excuse to break my self-imposed semi-gag!


  1. do you know if the Asian Field exhibition is still going on, and erm, where is it being held? (i forgot to note it down)


  2. ahh! blog about the ninjachoons vids. i love the mr scruff videos, at his gig earlier this year, they were screening giant versions of his animated vids in the background and had cheery slogans to pump up the crowd, like ‘trouser-wobbling tune!’ and ‘get those knees up!’

  3. I want to read about the latter two. Presently, I have only one reason for wishing I were still in Singapore. Is there more I should be missing?

  4. I heard KLPHQ outshined the headlining Furniture.. although i must say I like Furniture’s acoustic set better than their full-on set… i caught their intimate set at the arts house and was impressed by their pop sensibilities.

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