At The Lighthouse: Pre-Postscript

To everyone who’s left comments, written emails, called on the phone, or spoken to us in person, thank you so much for your enthusiasm and good wishes. We’re really overwhelmed by the response and are grateful for any suppressions of “About bloody time!” that some of you might have bitten back. You are all classy, classy people!

A postscript to the proposal entry will be up some time in the next few days, to share some amusing glitches that occurred in the planning (sometimes due to me being a difficult nagging bitch) and to thank a dear friend of mine who was an amazing help to Alec through all of it. But because I wasn’t privy to the weeks of planning and need to get details from Alec, who’s intrepidly studying for his professional exam on Monday, it’s taking a little time to get written.

In the meantime, thank you all again for your kind words and rest assured that I have slapped patted Alec heartily on the back for every one of you who asked me to do so. And for those who are asking about dates and places, unfortunately the sum total of our decision-making so far is as follows:

Michelle: So, how do we organize wedding celebrations across three cities in two continents which are fun, meaningful and affordable for everyone attending, while keeping the romance of the occasion alive for us but not grossing everyone else out with schmoopiness?
Alec: Donno.
Michelle: Hmm…
Alec: Hmm…


  1. wow, i missed out on your previous entry and had to go read it. its so romantic *wipes tear from eye*. CONGRATULATIONS to you both :)

    p.s: i love BEE BEE too. where did alec find it??

  2. Felicitations to one of the sweetest and loveliest couples I know. : )

    I’m sure you guys will come up with something wicked for your celebrations!(Perhaps, with a spot of Irish dancing thrown in somewhere? Heh…)

  3. Hey Michelle!!!

    Now, u’ll be my oldest married friend!!


    muahahah! im really happy and glad for both of you my dear! I can’t say that enough.

    May your blessed union bring you lasting joy and true happiness!!

    take care you both!

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